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Every month, find out our Market Review in video. What are the key points from the market and the economy to be aware of? What is the group's view of the current situation? What convictions with regards to the future? What are the investments to privilege? The answer in pictures with Loïc Bécue, Head of Balanced Solutions for retail client at Amundi Group.

Contents of the latest issue :

A euphoric first quarter in financial markets from the Eurozone, and now what?

The first quarter ended on a positive note for financial markets, specially in the Eurozone which benefited from a notable improvement in its economic environment. Central banks remained at the center of attention of investors. And divergent policies between the ECB and the US Federal Reserve have significantly impacted bond markets and currencies. In emerging countries, the economy in China continued to slow down but markets do not seem worried thanks to the government's willingness to implement fiscal and monetary reforms necessary to accompany this structural change. What should we expect now from financial markets? Will the rise in European indexes continue? How can portfolio allocations be adapted?


Watch Loïc Bécue – Head of Global Blanced Solutions for the distribution networks in video.


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