The world has changed significantly in the last 30 years. At Amundi, we know that climate protection and social issues are more relevant than ever. That is why we want to pave the way for our investments to contribute to improving this world. 

We can do this with our choice of investments and what we have learned over these years. 

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With the Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG, we have written a piece of investment history. Launched in 1990, the fund was one of the first sustainability funds on the German market. 

Christian Zimmermann, responsible fund manager of the Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG since 2002 

Why Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG?

Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG has been investing in stocks of sustainable companies for 30 years. The fund selects companies from ten defined investment areas 

  • Clear ESG focus with strict exclusion criteria
  • One of the largest sustainability funds on the German market
  • 18 years with the same successful fund management team
  •  Launched in 1990 and still in demand
  •  Close cooperation with a renowned ESG rating when selecting companies

The fund's 10 investment areas

We look at companies who: 

  • Invest in key future topics
  • Develop environmentally friendly products and technologies
  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Meet high standards in responsible corporate management 

We exclude companies who:

  • Generate sales with armaments, tobacco, gambling, nuclear energy or pornography
  • Violate human or worker rights or employ children
  • Have bad business conduct, such as corruption
  • Pursue a questionable environmental policy 

Investors who want more than a return

Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG is a great option for investors looking for a global equity fund with a strict sustainability focus that invests in a wide range of future-related issues.

3 decades of sustainable investment history

Responsible for 18 years

Christian Zimmermann has been responsible for the investment strategy of the Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG as Senior Portfolio Manager since 2002. Always with the firm conviction that environmental technologies and sustainability can offer long-term growth opportunities. Even at a time when sustainable investing was an absolute niche topic.

What does the risk-reward profile say?

The risk/return profile (SRRI Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG) indicates the fluctuation in the price of fund shares in categories 1 to 7 based on the development to date. The classification of the fund is subject to change and does not constitute a guarantee. Even a fund that is classified in level 1 is not a completely risk-free investment.

A unique fundamental approach to ESG Investing

We believe that a standout feature of Amundi Funds Global Ecology ESG is the diversified nature of the product (part of Morningstar category EAA OE Sector Equity Ecology). Our investment process is built around 10 proprietary ESG sectors that span across the broad universe of ESG investing. Each holding within the portfolio is allocated to one of these proprietary sectors.*

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Possible risks:
Investors should be aware of the following when investing: The price of a security exhibits unpredictable fluctuations that can be triggered by a variety of factors that are difficult to calculate, which can lead to price losses. In addition to the general market risk, company-specific factors can also lead to price losses (share price risk). Investors should be particularly aware of the special industry risk of stocks from the areas of ecology and sustainability - compared to a broad investment across several industries.