Step out of cash

Today’s ever-changing markets are making it difficult for investors to choose the right investment approach, to help reach their financial goals and strike an optimal balance between risk and return.

Choosing a Buy & Watch solution is one-step you could take to boost your return potential and offer a new alternative to cash.


Amundi has launched Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch High Income Bond 11/2025, a simple, one-step investment solution for investors seeking shelter from volatile and unpredictable markets with a pre-defined target maturity.

It's time to step out of cash!

Annual Coupon

5 YR Investment Horizon

Open ended fund with a prescribed subscription period and a 5 yr maturity date.

Income Objective*

A well-diversified portfolio managed by active Portfolio Managers

*Returns are not guaranteed and a loss of capital invested may occur

What can diversification*** do to your assets?:

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  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Equities
  • Risk -
  • Risk +

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Annualized performances as at end of December 2017*

Sources: Amundi, Data as of 31/12/2017 – Net annualized performance (rebased to 100) in EUR. Cash, bonds and equities are respectively represented by EONIA capitalised, EUROMTS GLOBAL and EURO STOXX index. They are given for indicative purpose only. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

***Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

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The life cycle of Amundi Fund Solutions – Buy and Watch High Income Bond 11/2025 is determined by its 13-week subscription period or Initial Public Offering (IPO). At the end of the IPO the fund will be launched and no further subscriptions are allowed. At the Maturity date, the fund will be liquidated in accordance with standard industry practice.

  • Absolute returns mean we seek to achieve stable returns in all market conditions
  • Multi Strategy means we can navigate a broad and diverse investment universe1
  • 4 investment categories that have guided us in generating returns 
  • Strong track record
  • Strong risk focus – Multiple layers of risk management at each step of the process

More about the fund

For more information on this fund, please refer to the  Prospectus  and  KIID
1. For more information on the investment objectives and policy, please see the  Prospectus

  • Participate in the potential rise of the markets while seeking to benefit from partial and permanentcapital protection
  • Offers a partial protection equal to 90% of the highest net asset value recorded from 5th June 2020.
  • Flexible and active asset management with a constant risk monitoring
  • Dynamic portfolio composition searching for the optimal diversification

More about the fund

For more information on this fund, please refer to the Prospectus and KIID
1. Amundi Funds Protect 90 does not provide a performance guarantee
2. Please see the Prospectus for full details on the Protection feature

Every investment implies some risks linked to its own universe, including capital losses in case of a stock exchange market general decrease, a selection of non-dynamics values, the currency depreciation or the use of derivatives strategies. Past performance is not reliable indicator of future results. They are useless for predicting future results.

Data and information in this document is provided solely for information purposes. Non contractual promotional information does not constitute an investment advice, neither a recommendation nor an incentive to buy or sell.

This information is not for United States resident nor to “US Persons” as this term is defined in SEC Regulation S under Securities Act of 1933.

*No.1 European asset manager based on global assets under management (AUM) and the main headquarters being based in Europe – Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2017 and based on AUM as at December 2016. **Contact your financial adviser to learn more about Amundi solutions.