Green bonds are coming of age

Green bonds are coming of age 

Pioneer of green bonds looks to propel the market it helped to create through a number of key strategic partnerships.

Key takeaways:

Partnering with global organisations is crucial to tackle climate change

Equally important is communication and keeping everyone involved updated on progresses and challenges

Practise what you preach. There’s a reason why they call it ‘climate action’

Amundi, frontrunner in the sustainable investment space, moves in lockstep with the green transition. And like its former campaigns the asset manager’s current approach is simple as it is compelling: to make its voice heard and affect change.

In this approach, Amundi partners with global organisations such as the International Finance Corporation (IFC). As a member of the World Bank Group, the IFC gives Amundi access to a range of tools and capabilities that enable the firm to deliver the best outcomes for its clients.

By developing green bond policies, providing training sessions for bankers and facilitating the adoption of the Green Bond Principles, Amundi and the IFC have paved the way for a shift toward climate-conscious investing in emerging markets.

‘It’s one thing to convince a CEO or CFO of the benefits of sustainable business practices, but it’s even more important to get a company’s entire workforce on board,’ said Jean-Marie Dumas, head of fixed income solutions and securitisation at Amundi [1].

‘To change things for the better, we need to coordinate/need to act together,’ he continued. ‘That’s why it’s so important to make sure that we’re all on the same page, be it via training sessions, constant dialogues or regular meetings [1].’

All our green bond endeavours are a result of teamwork. It’s impossible for one person to be up to date on everything in the market - you need experts for specific areas.

Head of Fixed Income Solutions and Securitisation at Amundi

The power of partnerships

Amundi also uses public-private partnerships (PPPs) to achieve its sustainable finance goals and drive positive change. As Dumas pointed out, implementing change can be a lot easier with the right partner by your side.

‘We have partnerships with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the European Investment Bank that focus on less developed markets in Asia and Europe, including high yield securitisation and mid-cap issuers,’ he said. ‘We want to establish a dialogue between issuers and investors to drive engagement and make the most of sustainable investment opportunities1.’

Amundi’s ESG department plays a crucial role in that regard. The team covers everything from conducting market research and drafting reports to establishing investment policies. ‘All our green bond endeavours are a result of teamwork. It’s impossible to be up to date on everything in the market - you need experts for specific areas,’ Dumas explained.

At the end of the day, he added, it’s a question of dedication: ‘You can’t approach green bonds half-heartedly. They are a valuable tool to direct money toward projects that aim to reduce global warming and, put simply, make this world a better place. If that’s not a good reason to invest, I don’t know what is [1].


[1] Interview with Jean-Marie Dumas, Head of Fixed Income Solutions & Securitisation at Amundi, 15 May 2021.


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Date of first use: 30 May 2022

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