At Amundi, we are convinced that your savings can make a difference.

That’s why our investment funds support companies that are transforming themselves to limit their environmental impact and contribute to a more balanced society.

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Demographic changes, the search for a fairer social balance, sustainable development... The world is changing, and with these changes come new ways of investing, more responsible and more constructive, as well as new sources of opportunity and development.

Supporting societal change has been a core concern for Amundi for over 30 years; we launched our first ethical fund in 1989. The Group, and in particular our subsidiary CPR AM , now offers many solutions that contribute to these developments.

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By 2030, the over-65s are expected to make up more than a third of the middle class(1)

70 % 

of young university graduates will come from non-OECD G20 countries in 2030(2)

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Sources :

1. Passport, How ageing population and rising longevity drive megatrends, January 2020 

2. OCDE 2015

In order to tackle global warming and the depletion of natural resources, the challenge is to finance and support the energy transition. For many years now, this major concern has seen a shift in investment towards so-called greener finance.

Today, we are seeing the emergence of programmes dedicated to the energy transition, with more than €220 billion in green bond issues in 2020.

+ 3,2° C

The rise in temperatures by 2100 if greenhouse gases are stabilised

+ 64 %

The increase in global CO2 emissions between 1990 and 2017

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As an industry with a strong environmental and social impact, real estate needs to evolve to deliver responsible buildings that respect both cities and their inhabitants. These issues are central to the investment strategy of our dedicated subsidiary, Amundi Immobilier .
Our goal is to improve energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint, develop renewable energy production, and much more.

10 billion tonnes

the amount of CO2 emitted by the construction industry in 2019


of the world’s energy consumption comes from buildings

Why not invest in sustainable companies providing critical infrastructure?

KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure

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In 2020, Amundi took part in nearly 4,250 general meetings of European and international companies and focused its ongoing dialogue with companies and its voting policy on two major issues: the fight against climate change and social inequalities.

Amundi increased its support for shareholder resolutions calling for greater transparency and information on companies’ ESG1 and climate strategy, notably by voting for 86% of the resolutions calling for a better integration of climate objectives. In parallel, we engaged in discussions on the energy transition and climate change with 472 companies, and on the protection of our ecosystem with 378 companies.

In 2021, climate and social issues will remain at the heart of Amundi’s engagement and voting policy.


1. Environmental, Social and Governance

Responsible investment is one of Amundi’s founding pillars

Being a responsible investor means being 100% responsible.

From the outset, Amundi made responsible investment a founding pillar of its raison d’être. At Amundi, we are convinced that companies that have a positive impact on society will also have a better economic and stock market performance over the long term.

Being a responsible asset manager means acting every day in the best interest of our clients and of society.

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