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In this series, we want to guide you through a variety of investment topics as well as help you discover new market opportunities. We have gathered our experts from around the world to give their insights, commentary, and ideas to help you make informed investment decisions.

Discover why Graham Fox, Head of Retail Distribution Ireland, believes that investing in a better tomorrow is just as important as investing for our future.

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The New Silk Road routes: Why investors should care

Unprecedented times. The global outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world and its economy to a standstill, highlighting the importance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure (healthcare, water, power, telecommunications). Countries with fragile infrastructure have less capacity to handle crises, so they will need to increase their infrastructure investments. This is especially crucial in the context of health security and rapid urbanisation.

Vignette - The Day After #9
Investment Talks

The day after #9 - Covid-19 crisis, a catalyst for change and strengthening the EU

The Conference on the Future of Europe, planned earlier this year, will probably open in September in a very different context than initially expected. Who will chair it and whether a new treaty for the union will be on the agenda remains unclear, but the need to address repositioning Europe post the Covid-19 pandemic is clear. Indeed, the EU is suffering from a risk of fragmentation along several lines that could deeply undermine its ability to deal with the challenges to be seen in the next decade. The asset purchase programs (APP) of the European Central Bank, the emergency package via the ESM, and now the European Commission (EC) proposal ‘Next Generation EU’ are powerful tools to address these risks.