ECB QE Monitor - September 2021

Friday 24 September 2021

  • PEPP remains heavily oriented towards the public sector. No granular details for PEPP were available at this release as the ECB will only publish details of PEPP on a bimonthly basis and the next one will be in early October.
  • APP Purchases slowed to € 16.7bn in August against € 21.7bn in July, below the monthly target of € 20bn. In August APP by programme: PSPP (€13.6bn; 81% of total), CSPP (€3.9bn; 23%), CBPP3 (€1bn; 6%) and ABSPP (€-1.7bn; -10%).

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ECB PEPP & APP: slowdown in the pace of purchases, in line with the seasonal activity.

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