Market review video - May 2022

Thursday 05 May 2022

May 2022 - Review

Markets have continued to correct in recent weeks. Top concerns for investors are the deceleration of economic growth, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the new lockdowns in China due to the surge in Covid cases and central banks’ policies to tackle inflation.
To navigate in this troubled environment, caution is still key.

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February 2022 Review

Global stock markets have been very nervous in recent weeks. 2022 began under less favorable market conditions, and investors’ concerns are growing amid the expected monetary policy tightening of the US Federal Reserve, Omicron, (geo)political tensions, inflation and slowing economic momentum.



March 2022 Review

As all eyes are riveted on the Russia-Ukraine military conflict, stock markets remain volatile. Investors’ concerns keep on growing amid geopolitical tensions, soaring energy prices and central banks’ actions to contain inflationary pressures. In these uncertain times, caution remains the watchword.



April 2022 Review

As the war in Ukraine enters its second month, stock and energy markets are still under pressure. Meanwhile, keeping inflation under control is now the primary focus of the main central banks, in particular the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank.
In this uncertain market environment, maintaining a cautious stance is the order of the day.


Comment by Monica Defend, Amundi's Global Head of Research.

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