Hydrogen: a key solution for tomorrow’s net zero economy

Monday 16 May 2022


Marketing Communication | 4 min read

It is colourless, has no taste or smell, and is the lightest and simplest of all the chemical elements. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that this highly flammable gas could play a central role in tackling the planet’s climate crisis. This gas is hydrogen, the most abundant element in the known universe.




The Solution: Hydrogen   

Hydrogen is a clean burning molecule, a versatile energy carrier and an effective energy storage solution that has the potential to bridge our decarbonisation objectives.

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A Key Solution for Tomorrows Net Zero Economy

A strategy seeking to support the economy that is being built around hydrogen, recognized as a key solution for unlocking the energy transition

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Let's power our net zero future   

A core global equity investment solution seeking to encompass the entire Hydrogen value chain and integrate a sustainable investment framework.

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