Environmental Challenges: Energy Transition

Environmental Challenges


We are faced with environmental challenges that are harming the Earth and its natural eco-systems as a result of human actions. The climate emergency demands swift and decisive collective action.




Energy Transition: Invest for your future – act for the planet

Over the last 200 years, we have constructed the world around us leveraging traditional energy sources. While the progress our societies and economies have made in this period has been incredible, it has come at a significant environmental cost. As such the need for a paradigm shift in the energy sector is becoming increasingly clear.

The energy transition describes the pathway towards transformation of the global energy sector from traditional energy sources to zero-carbon by the second half of this century.


Currently a series of elements have exacerbated the need for a shift to the energy transition

Soaring oil & gas prices

1. Soaring oil & gas prices

Due to the crisis in Ukraine, bringing new levels of inflation, concern and uncertainty.

Impacts of climate change

2. Impacts of climate change

Caused by greenhouse gas emissions are increasingly evident around the world1.

COVID-19 pandemic

3. Covid-19 pandemic

Continues to hamper recovery efforts, while citizens globally worry about the affordability of their energy bills.


What potential far-reaching socio-economic benefits can be unlocked by accelerating the transition?


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