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Explore our most popular articles on why ESG  matters, and how investors can help to change the world for the better and the Amundi advantage in making this happen.


Putting Responsible Investing into Practice

The conviction that companies and investors have a social responsibility and that ESG is a driver of long-term growth, has driven Amundi’s mission for over a decade, chief responsible investment officer Elodie Laugel explains.

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Deep Dive into ESG: Investing in a better future

Sustainability seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. The climate crisis in front of our doorsteps shows quite plainly that we all need to rethink our lifestyles if we want to give future generations the chance to also enjoy this planet.

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How to get started in ESG investing?

How the power of investing can affect and improve social and environmental issues?

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How to do good and well with your investments    

Investing responsibly can offer both financial opportunities and the possibility to improve the world. Responsible investment funds select companies which demonstrate the best environmental, social and governance practices.

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Inequality: The stark truth and how amundi targets the root cause?

Since the 1980s, inequality has become more and more of a problem, growing to the extreme levels we can see today. The gap between rich and poor – and even the not-so-poor – is creating real social problems, and Covid-19 has only made this more evident.

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Responsible Investing: building a better tomorrow together 

Looking for a way to improve the world? 

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Green bonds are coming of age

Green bonds are coming of age

Amundi, frontrunner in the sustainable investment space, moves in lockstep with the green transition. And like its former campaigns the asset manager’s current approach is simple as it is compelling: to make its voice heard and affect change.

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Why Asia’s green economy is growing fast

Why Asia's Green Economy is Growing Fast 

Asia’s fast-growing economies, which are increasingly focused on renewable energy sources and sustainable infrastructure, could be fuelled by the rise of ESG investing, according to Albert Tse, CEO South Asia at Amundi.          

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Transitioning to a new world

Transitioning to a new World

The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming to well below 2C. But as things stand, the world is not on track for this target: according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)[1], global warming of 2 degrees will be exceeded during this century unless deep reductions in Co2 and other greenhouse gas emissions occur in the coming decades.

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Hunkering down to reach net-zero

Targeting all sectors with all means available is the only way to achieve full-scale decarbonisation, says Gauthier Saint Olive, investment specialist at CPR AM.

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Is the Planet Running dry? 

Wastelands and swathes of scorched earth seem like something out of a fictional dystopia, but it’s not all that far-fetched. In that, it’s already a reality      

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Green Bond can Help Emerging Markets Make Energy Transition a Reality

‘Green bonds can provide a very strong framework when it comes to implementing transparency in ESG exposure’ Maxim Vydrine, fund manager at Amundi.

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Impact of Green and Social Bond Investing

Climate change and social inequality are worsening - and interlinked - problems. How can investors make a difference? 

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Investors’ vital role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions

100 big companies are responsible for 71% of all greenhouse gases: can this be changed?1

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