Impact Investing

Impact investing

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Seeking to generate measurable and concrete outcomes that make a difference.

At Amundi, we believe that Impact Investing is a key pillar of Responsible Investing. Impact investing consists of taking investment decisions that have a clear objective to deliver a benefit to society, while seeking to generate measurable and concrete outcomes.

As one of Europe’s largest asset managers, we are fundamentally aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society. We believe that Impact Investing is one way we can make a real difference.

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Impact Investing solutions should bring together three main characteristics:  


The investment’s intention is to contribute to the generation of a measurable social or environmental benefit i.e. What specific impact goal(s) did the investment set out to accomplish?


The positive impact that may not have otherwise occurred without this specific investment i.e. What happens if the asset was not financed by this investment?


The process of measuring the social and/or environmental impact of the investments i.e. How is impact of and progress towards the goal(s) measured?


Where can Impact Investing make a difference?


Learn more about making an impact  

Investors can try to generate financial performance as well as social and environmental benefits through Impact Investing.


Green bonds
Green bonds – providing a range of benefits beyond financial returns

Green bonds may contribute to address the climate crisis while offering a range of benefits that go beyond the mere financial returns.      


Is the planet running dry?                               

Wastelands and swathes of scorched earth seem like something out of a fictional dystopia, but it’s not all that far-fetched. In that, it’s already a reality.


Hunkering down to reach Net Zero

Targeting all sectors with all means available is the only way to achieve full-scale decarbonisation, says Gauthier Saint Olive, investment specialist at CPR AM.


Impact of green and social bond investing

Climate change and social inequality are worsening - and interlinked - problems. How can investors make a difference?


Investors vital role in curbing greenhouse gas emissions

In daily life, we’re increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint- perhaps by taking the train instead of flying when travelling.


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Amundi Responsible Investing - Impact Green Bond

Financing green projects and engaging green bond issuers on environmental disclosure.

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CPR Invest - Food for Generations

A sustainable approach to contribute to the challenge of feeding the world’s population.

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CPR Invest - Climate Action

Committed to limiting impact of climate change in line with the United Nations’ 13th Sustainable Development Goal.

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Amundi Funds Emerging Markets Green Bond

One of the first solutions available in the market investing specifically in Emerging Markets Green Bonds.

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CPR Invest - Education

Invests in a whole ecosystem that follows people throughout their lives, helping them find their place in the world, now and in the future.

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CPR Invest - Social Impact

The first solution allowing investors to participate in reducing inequalities and integrate social risk into their investments.

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Amundi Impact Social Bonds

Aims to address social inequality through financing projects with a positive social outcome, including basic infrastructure, essential services and sustainable food systems.

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