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A unique cross border pension platform

Aware of the complexities of the European pension landscape, Amundi is committed to providing a pan-European pension offer tailored for multinational clients.

Complexity inspires innovation, and has led Amundi to launch the first multi-employer IORP pension fund, already approved in 9 European countries.
Completing the offer Amundi provides solutions for the Expat, Mobile, ONG population as well.

Behind the scenes of Amundi ESR

Key benefits for multinational corporations

  • The only multi-employer pan-European pension fund that is operational in nine countries
  • Structured through a compartment for each European country to remain fully compliant with local social, tax and retirement regulations
  • Harmonization of DC schemes at the local level
  • A single entry point managing complexity and offering simplicity
  • A global approach that enjoys local accommodations and flexibility
  • Allowing to customize investment solutions dedicated to employee benefits
  • A single vehicle integrated with a complete digital platform that can translate into cost  savings
  • Pooling and ring-fencing employee assets in each compartment
  • Offering easier consolidation of pension schemes
  • Lowering risks with enhanced, modular governance structure
  • A more homogeneous investment policy and member outcomes that facilitate mobility

Amundi Retirement Solutions: a value proposition

Amundi Retirement Solutions offers pension services in nine countries on a state-of-the art international platform combining:

Cross-border European pension vehicle
The first multi-employer pension fund (Amundi Pension Fund (APF) established under Luxembourg law (ASSEP), compliant with European regulations and the IORP Directive. Operational in 9 European countries, it includes a World compartment for employees outside of Europe and dedicated to the Expat, Mobile, ONG population as well.

International - Employee savings and retirement

Digital Administrative platform

Administrative management, record keeping, and reporting for pension plans, under the supervision of the Luxembourg Regulatory authority, with an innovative proprietary IT platform designed to manage the complexities of European pension requirements.

International - Employee savings and retirement

Member’s tools

A direct access to all information via two secure and user friendly web portals: one dedicated to company correspondents enabling plan monitoring and governance, and one designed for plan members to  access all pension information (statements, investment options, etc…) on line.

International - Employee savings and retirement

Client servicing

Accessible via secured mail, chat helpline, web call back and interactive vocal servers to assist employees in with their pension plan.

International - Employee savings and retirement

A complete range of investment solutions and funds

The offer includes a wide range of investment solutions and funds that can be a wide range of investment solutions and funds that can be adapted to fit corporate needs and employee profiles.

International - Employee savings and retirement

Amundi Retirement Solutions (ARS) offers a complete package with a multi-employer, pan-European pension fund and premium administrative services that is tailored to your specific employee benefits policies and investment needs.

Reliable governance, compliant at all levels

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Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.


APF is administered by a board of directors and a general meeting. The board provides unique services to each sponsor company based on their expectations and a governance plan depending on their culture and scheme history.

Additionally, APF has a dedicated team of risk managers whose key objectives are to:

  • Review fund performances
  • Discuss investment strategies
  • Propose any relevant changes in allocation and fund selections.
International - Employee savings and retirement

Complete package of administrative services, dedicated to employees and corporates

  • A cutting-edge, secure, proprietary and natively web-designed IT platform to service International members;
  • Extensive functionalities: executing transactions, making investment decisions, risk profiling assessment, obtaining reports, updating personal information, …
  • Assistance with main missions :
  1. Be the dedicated point of contact for Members;
  2. Answer all types of messages
  3. Assist Members when needed in their investments
  4. Provide a solution for all brought up claims
  5. Verify the consistency of all documentation at Members’ disposal
  • Multi-channel: through web call back, web chat, telephone...;
  • Multi-currency: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, and JPY available
  • Multi-lingual

Long-term investments solutions

Our retirement offer is based on three key investment solutions:

Life Cycle

A personalized allocation that is gradually secured with the individual age and risk profile according to the retirement horizon.

Different risk profiles and grids are adapted to decumulation options.

Free Fund Selection

Employees can freely choose, if permitted under local legislation, among a wide range of funds selected by the employer from:
- Passive to actively-managed strategies
- Amundi expertise to open architecture

Protect & Guaranteed

Protected Funds
Protection at all times of 90% or 95% of the highest NAV

Insurer General account
Provided by an insurer that offers a capital guarantee

Amundi has access to a full range of expertise including, but not limited to:

  • Active/Passive managed funds
  • SRI and Impact Investing
  • Alternative and Real Assets

Amundi relies on an experienced multi-management team, which provides access to more than 45 000 external funds from more than 400 asset managers. Additionally, Amundi benefits from partnerships with insurance companies to offer services such as: access to general accounts, coverage of biometric risks and fixed and variable annuities.

For more information on our Amundi Retirement Solutions

Find all of our Pan-European Retirement Solutions on Amundi Retirement Solutions Mini Website.

This information is exclusively intended for “Professional” investors within the meaning of the MiFID Directive 2004/39/EC of 21 April 2004, and articles 314-4 and following of the General Regulations of the AMF. It is not intended for the general public or for non-professional individual investors within the meaning of all local regulations, or for “US Persons”, as defined in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “Regulation S” under the 1933 U.S. Securities Act.

This non-contractual information does not under any circumstances constitute an offer to buy, a solicitation to sell, or advice to invest in financial instruments of Amundi or one of its affiliates (“Amundi”).

Investing involves risks. The performance of the strategies is not guaranteed. In addition, past performance is not in any way a guarantee or a reliable indicator of current or future performance. Investors may lose all or part of the capital originally invested.

Potential investors are encouraged to consult a professional adviser in order to determine whether such an investment is suitable for their profile and must not base their investment decisions solely on the information contained in this document.

Amundi assumes no liability, either direct or indirect, resulting from the use of any of the information contained in this document, and shall not under any circumstances be held liable for any decisions taken on the basis of this information.

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