Amundi Strategy Insight - July 2019

Thursday 11 July 2019

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Amundi Strategy Insight - July 2019

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Vignette- Europe, US and China tomorrow
16/11/2020 Research / Market

Europe, US and China tomorrow: Will it be possible to avoid geopolitical and economic traps?

There are many pitfalls looming. Some concern China, the United States and Europe, while others are more targeted, notably on China or on the relationship between China and the United States. Some traps concern geopolitics (the Thucydides trap, the Kindleberger trap, the Herodotus trap, the Tacitus trap, the Chamberlain - Daladier trap and the cold war trap), while others deal with  purely economic issues (the middle-income trap, the inflation trap, the stagflation trap and the debt trap).