Access to cloud, innovation and open-source with ALTO*

Tuesday 01 June 2021


The environment financial firms are evolving in is constantly changing and it forces companies to look for efficient, scalable and secured infrastructures while adapting quickly to new technologies through the integration of AI or Machine Learning in IT systems.

Amundi Technology is investing strongly in the Cloud, Innovation and Open Source technology, which are all key for the future of financial institutions.

The 100% cloud platforms enable clients to enhance their user experience. Amundi Technology developed a private cloud able to welcome all applicative platforms from ALTO*, enhancing scalability, flexibility, security and performance to support customers in their day to day activity and growth objective.

Innovation is at the heart of the future of the industry. Therefore, Amundi Technology implemented a dedicated innovation team called “Le Lab” which can identify study and develop relevant use cases in an agile mode. Among the latest innovations on ALTO*, there are ESG analytics available through the platform to support and facilitate investment decision (Natural Language Processing, Research Dashboard, Policy …)

The technological innovation necessary to support businesses is nourished by the strength of communities, their flexibility and their superior longevity. Thanks to its technological transparency and as an independent software developer, Amundi Technology is able to provide a state of the art platform which relies on open-source solutions to access the latest innovations.



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*ALTO : Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

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