BNY Mellon OMNI℠ and Amundi ALTO* power the investment lifecycle

Wednesday 13 January 2021


A collaboration designed to provide a seamless front-to-back client experience with a streamlined approach to data integrations. 

Delivering Greater Efficiency to Help Drive Results

Your business demands agile and flexible solutions so it can adapt to the opportunities of tomorrow. BNY Mellon OMNI and Amundi ALTO* collaborate to help drive operational efficiencies with enhanced data including custody, accounting, and transfer agency information in a seamless environment. By simplifying integrations and data accessibility, we help clients reduce operational risk and cost while obtaining improved insights by offering the best in asset management and asset servicing operations.

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ALTO brings a fresh perspective on a traditional technology. Our client-centric, open architecture approach enables us to seamlessly integrate the ALTO platform with our unrivalled suite of securities servicing capabilities offered via the OMNI platform. This first phase of our cooperation will focus on front to back operational and liquidity efficiencies as an aspect of priority to portfolio managers, CIO’s, Risk and Operational heads.

Roman Regelman, Chief Executive Officer of BNY Mellon Asset Servicing and Head of Digital


Amundi has developed a unique platform, ALTO*, which is both innovative and based on open-source technology, but also robust and efficient, capable of managing all types of assets worldwide. Amundi can also count on dedicated teams, with a recognised capability to transform businesses and implement software quickly. This expertise has enabled Amundi to convince a number of clients in Europe and Asia to adopt ALTO* as a 100% cloud solution. BNY Mellon, through its digital expertise, client focus, and strong global presence, will help us bring innovative solutions to Asset Managers.

Guillaume Lesage, Chief Operating Officer of Amundi


Key Features

Powering investment decision-making by delivering near real-time actionable insights directly into the front office


  • Cash Summary: Near real-time cash transactions by account by currency, that provides support for cash reconciliation activities and investible cash quality checks. View opening balances and use adjustment entries to forecast end-of-day totals and closing balances. Plus, you'll see if you have an overdraft, or if one is projected. You can oversee all your steps, without switching applications.
  • Transaction Activity: Near real-time security transactions by account, provides support for trades, settlement, corporate action operations, and position reconciliation research and investigation. You can even search for a particular security, currency or reference number and produce transaction summaries and reports with unparalleled specificity.
  • Holdings: Near real-time security positions by account, provides support for security location and availability status, corporate action operations, and position reconciliation research and investigation. All with a single, consolidated view across your holdings, so you can see this data precisely at any moment.


  • NAV Impact Analysis: Provides a deeper dive into net asset value (NAV) fluctuations, so you can spot any significant changes, see what's causing them and, ultimately, help make sure you're accounting and pricing correctly.

Data Integrations

  • More efficient transfer of data across the investment lifecycle processes that reduces friction and inefficiencies while increasing straight through processing. Data sets include transfer agent enhanced cash, trade status, and NAV dashboard integrations.


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A client and data-centric open modular platform that enables growth, agility and resilience.

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Amundi ALTO*

A portfolio management sylstem covering the entire investment management value chain.

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*ALTO : Amundi Leading Technologies & Operations

Other news

Vignette - Amundi & Lonvia Capital
11/01/2021 News

Welcome to LONVIA Capital in the ALTO* x CACEIS clients community!

As part of its common front-to-back offer with CACEIS, Amundi is delighted to announce that LONVIA Capital has chosen the ALTO* technology solution combined with operational services covering the entire asset management value chain for its three funds. Through this agreement, the LONVIA Capital teams benefit from the portfolio management platform ALTO*, available in SaaS mode1, and delegate to Amundi and CACEIS the management of the data repository, the execution of orders, middle office and back office operations. 

Vignette - Amundi Services & Mobilis Gestion
24/11/2020 News

Welcome to MOBILIS Gestion in Amundi Services clients community

We are pleased to announce that MOBILIS Gestion has been using Amundi Services’ technological solutions and services since September 2020. Through this agreement, MOBILIS Gestion’s teams (portfolio managers, compliance, risk and Middle Office) have access to ALTO*, the Front to Middle Office Portfolio Management System available in SaaS1 mode, and delegate to Amundi the execution of their orders as well as part of their Middle Office operations. Created in 1989, MOBILIS Gestion is the management company of the AFM (Association Famille Mulliez) family office.