Looking for hidden ESG gems: a new frontier for responsible investing with “improvers”

Wednesday 02 September 2020

Insights Paper, ESG

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the resulting market turmoil have confirmed a pre-existing trend within equity investing: the increasing relevance of integrating ESG criteria and sustainability into the investment decision. We believe doing so will add value both in terms of being able to deliver better risk-adjusted return, but also in terms of helping to put focus on - and ultimately improve - important ESG parameters for companies and society.

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Climate change: Central Banking focus report is online, 26/06/2019 ESG, Research / Market

Climate change: Central Banking focus report is online

Following Mark Carney’s “breaking the tragedy of the horizon” speech in 2015, it became apparent central banks and regulators needed to sit up and take responsibility for risks emerging as a result of climate change. It appears Carney’s call to arms was heard, but there remains an abundance of work to be undertaken. Central Banking report, made in partnership with Amundi, will provide some guidance on issues that need to be discussed.