Multi-Asset bespoke solutions and advisory

Amundi brings its “real world” investment know-how, advisory expertise, robust research resources and advanced tools to help institutional investors addressing their financial and operational complexity. 

Oursourced CIO & Fiduciary Management

Overarching Solutions (Asset Allocation, Implementation, Risk centralisation, Reporting) including advisory and management capabilities to insource institutional clients' financial and operational complexity.

Set of the investment framework (structure, guidelines and process)

Build portfolio solutions meeting our clients' objectives under their unique constraints and challenges in terms of :

  • Exposure
  • ALM
  • Solvency II, IFRS
  • Accounting and Regulatory requirements

Design of long term asset allocation considering constraints, horizon, objectives, expected returns and risk aversion

  • Investment cases
  • Trade recommendations
  • Model Portfolio
  • Investment Solutions Design (Rebalancing, Overlay Solutions, Transitioning, Choice of Fund/Securities)

Protect our clients' investments from downside, through:

  • Dynamic Risk Overlay
  • Absolute Rist Targets and Limits management

Tactical exposure management


An offer adapted to Institutional Investors' needs and challenges

We have extensive experience in advising and managing Multi-Asset portfolios for Institutional Investors including Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks, Pension Funds, Corporate and Insurance companies.

Our close relationships with these investors provide us an in-depth understanding of the issues they face and the solutions they have adopted.

For each client segment, we have built range of offer adapted to their specific needs and challenges. 

Amundi's Multi-Asset bespoke solutions and advisory offer

Amundi provides dedicated solutions to help Insurance Companies matching their objectives:

Insurers Profile

  1. Managing the level and the volatility of the Solvency ratio
  2. Capturing yield pick-up under regulatory and accounting constraints 
  3. Entering new territories to generate return 
  4. On-boarding responsible investment solutions

Bespoke solutions

  • Solvency 2 optimized investment solutions


  • Asset allocation advisory, regulatory capital assessment
  • ALM / SCR modelling

Additional Services

  • Accounting & performance reporting
  • Solvency II Reporting 
  • Insurance investment platform 
  • Consolidated risk monitoring
  • Portfolio positioning 
  • Accounting & performance reporting 
  • Solvency II Reporting 
  • ESG & Carbon footprint reports

Help Central Banks stabilize their reserve and preserve capital:

  1. Capturing yield pick-up with the aim to ensure reserve adequacy over the short term
  2. Entering new territories to generate return to search for capital preservation over the long term - Mitigating new uncertainties 
  3. On-boarding solutions for climate change

Bespoke solutions

  • Overlay Management
  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Factor Investing & Risk Premia 
  • Green Finance solutions


  • Integration of new asset classes
  • Risk hedging strategy 
  • ESG Advice

Support Sovereign Entities all along the value chain:

Sovereign entities Profile

  1. Low interest rates and low commodities prices
  2. The challenges of private markets 
  3. Global macro uncertainties 
  4. Mitigating climate change risks

Bespoke Solutions

  • Factor Investing & Risk Premia
  • Green Finance solutions


  • Implementing or revamping
  • Financial investment vehicles 
  • Asset allocation diagnosis and optimization 
  • Implementation of new investment strategies

Amundi is the dedicated partner of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Funds:

Pension Funds Profile

  1. Offering a complete set of solutions to mitigate liability risks
  2. Providing diversification products to capture growth 
  3. Accompanying pension funds to fulfil their regulatory and reporting requirements

Bespoke Solutions

  • Liability Matching solutions
  • Fixed Income Alternatives
  • Equity-like return Strategies 
  • ESG solutions: low-carbon and Responsible Investment


  • ALM modeling
  • Asset allocation advisory
  • ESG advice

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