Amundi Retirement Solutions: a value proposition

Amundi Retirement Solutions offers pension services in 9 countries on a state-of-the art international platform combining:

Cross-border European pension vehicle

The first multi-employer pension fund (Amundi Pension Fund (APF) established under Luxembourg law (ASSEP), compliant with European regulations and the IORP Directive. Operational in 9 European countries, it includes a World compartment for employees outside of Europe and dedicated to the Expat, Mobile, ONG population as well.

Digital Administrative platform

Administrative management, record keeping, and reporting for pension plans, under the supervision of the Luxembourg Regulatory authority, with an innovative proprietary IT platform designed to manage the complexities of European pension requirements.

Member’s tools

A direct access to all information via two secure and user friendly web portals: one dedicated to company correspondents enabling plan monitoring and governance, and one designed for plan members to  access all pension information (statements, investment options, etc…) on line.

Client servicing

Accessible via secured mail, chat helpline, web call back and interactive vocal servers to assist employees in with their pension plan.

A complete range of investment solutions and funds

The offer includes a wide range of investment solutions and funds that can be des a wide range of investment solutions and funds that can be adapted to fit corporate needs and employee profiles.


Information given for illustrative purposes only, may be changed without prior notice.

Amundi Retirement Solutions (ARS) offers a complete package with a multi-employer, pan-European pension fund and premium administrative services that is tailored to your specific employee benefits policies and investment needs.