Long-term investments solutions

Our retirement offer is based on three key investment solutions:

Life Cycle

A personalized allocation that is  gradually secured with the individual  age and risk profile according to the retirement horizon.



Different risk profiles and grids are adapted to decumulation options

Free Fund Selection

Employees can freely choose, if permitted under local legislation, among a wide range of funds selected by the employer from:

 - Passive to actively-managed  strategies

- Amundi expertise to open  architecture

Protect & Guaranteed

Protected Funds

Protection at all times of 90%  or 95% of the highest NAV



Insurer General Account

Provided by an insurer that offers a capital guarantee

Amundi has access to a full range of expertise including, but not limited to:

  • Active/Passive managed funds
  • SRI and Impact Investing
  • Alternative and Real Assets

Amundi relies on an experienced multi-management team, which provides access to more than 45 000 external funds from more than 400 asset managers. Additionally, Amundi benefits from partnerships with insurance companies to offer services such as: access to general accounts, coverage of biometric risks and fixed and variable annuities.