Experts in fixed income management

With an AuM of USD 887 billion in fixed income1, Amundi is one of the largest global fixed income investor. We offer a wide range of local and global investments, from Govies to High Yield Bonds, which are actively managed either as a separate fund or as part of a tailored package.

Investment opportunities across all global fixed income markets

The size and structure of fixed income markets continue to expand and evolve, offering new ways for investors to source potential returns. Our broad expertise,  which spans all these markets, allows us to continually seek out the best opportunities for our clients.  

Amundi, leading the way in bond management

Facilitated access to bond markets, at competitive prices

Specialised teams, experts in stock selection

A global presence to catch the best opportunities wherever they exist

An active and flexible approach



01 | Diversification across all bonds markets

To build a bond portfolio, we evaluate the global fixed income universe, from corporate bonds to investment grade and high yield credit, inflation-linked, emerging market debt, asset-backed securities and foreign exchange markets. This flexibility, combined with global diversification, allows us to seek value for our clients thanks to our Euro or Global Fixed Income solutions, even during volatile markets conditions.

02 | A proven investment process

Our investment process has proved robust over the past two decades, even withstanding the last financial crisis.  It combines long-term strategic positions with tactical choices that exploit short-term opportunities. Our management teams draw on all Amundi Group resources, including our research department, which comprises more than 100 analysts, including over 40 fixed income and credit specialists. 

03 | A wide range of strategies

We offer a comprehensive range of actively managed bond strategies, from short-term liquidity solutions, to longer maturity portfolios across sovereign,  and corporate, developed and emerging fixed income, markets to long-maturity portfolios.  These strategies are available through either open-ended funds or bespoke portfolios and in all the main currencies. In short, whether you want pure exposure to the markets through a passive fund or an intricate actively managed investment solution developed to meet your exact needs – or anything in between – we can provide what you’re looking for.

Expert talk

Eric Brard Fond Uni

Eric Brard

Global Head of Fixed Income

"Over the past 20 years we have developed and refined the investment process behind our Global Fixed Income strategies. Our teams have the insight required to seek out new opportunities and the expertise to develop innovative investment strategies."

Our investment strategies

For illustrative purposes only. Subject to change without notice.

Seeking investment opportunities in an evolving landscape

We have the scale and reach to seek out value  across the full fixed income universe – both different regions, different time horizons and different risk profiles.

01 | Aggregate Bonds

Amundi has developed strategic global and euro bond expertise which spans a broad universe: bonds, investment grade credit,  high yield, ABS, convertible and Inflation-linked bonds, currencies and emerging bonds. With the aim of seeking out value wherever it exists, our investment teams implement dynamic asset allocation built around our large investment toolbox and supported by our long-standing expertise in aggregate strategies which are regularly recognized by rating agencies, such as Morningstar and Lipper for  both their innovation and top-quality management.

02 | Corporate bonds

Our Corporate Bonds strategies are backed by our stable and experienced teams working closely with dedicated credit analysts. Indeed, our strategies benefit from the Group’s top quality research and analysis which support investment teams in designing the most optimal allocation according to the prevailing bond & credit market conditions.

03 | Govies

Amundi’s wide and proven expertise in this field, especially in euro-govies showing a 30-year track record, aims to serve the best dynamic allocation. Our investment teams combine long-term macro views with short-term tactical management to benefit from the main opportunities of the markets, in different economic cycles. This core expertise includes euro and global strategies drawing on the crucial skills of local investment teams.

04 | Niche strategies

Willing to seek out value in the largest scale of fixed income instruments, Amundi has also developed an in-depth expertise in niche strategies such as Forex, ABS and loans. Those, when they are included in core or satellite asset allocations, enhance asset diversification and enable to detect opportunities available in the whole fixed income markets.

1 - Source : Amundi, as of December 31, 2019.

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