Building on our History of Responsible Investing

ESG Videos

ESG & our Fixed Income Process

How does Amundi US incorporate ESG investing into its fixed income process?  In this video series, Michael Temple, Managing Director, Director of Credit Research, US, discusses the added challenge that fixed income investors face when assessing a corporate credit for ESG risks, and how Amundi US approaches the process.

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Responsible Investing is a Pillar of Our Investment Philosophy

Lisa Jones, CEO, Head of the Americas, Amundi US discusses the impact and growing momentum of responsible investing and its importance in active portfolio management. Learn more about our long history and expertise in this core focus, and how to start a conversation about responsible investing.

Sharing a Vision for our Future

Amundi US hosted Responsible Investing Symposiums in Boston and New York, discussing how we believe being a trusted partner means being a responsible partner. Learn more about ESG and our vision for the future in this video.

ESG & Our Equity Investment Process

A video series that explains how Amundi US incorporates ESG investing into its equity investment process.Craig Sterling, Director of Equity Research, US, provides some insight into Amundi US's equity research process, the role of ESG, and how the team thinks about ESG and incorporates it into the investment process.

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