Amundi’s 2023 Investment Outlook


Inflationary pressures, the rising threat to the economic outlook by aggressive central banks, an uncertain recovery in China, and geopolitical tensions will continue to dominate investors' agendas in 2023.

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Video | January 2023

Amundi Macro Outlook 2023

Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Institute, and Ken Taubes, US CIO, discuss our outlook for the global economy and key macro trends. 


"There's a shift going on now where inflation is becoming less the story and growth is becoming the problem."

-Ken Taubes
Chief Investment Officer, US



Investment Outlook 2023: Some Light for Investors After the Storm

We predict that 2023 will be a two-speed year, with plenty of risks to watch out for. Bonds are back, market valuations are getting more attractive, and a Fed pivot in the first part of the year could trigger interesting entry points. We expect global growth to slow significantly, with several countries across both developed markets and EM suffering stagnation, while others may face a slowdown at best.

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