Cross Asset: Where Will the Pieces Fall

Wednesday 02 August 2023

Cross Asset


Cross Asset: Where Will the Pieces Fall?

July/August 2023 | Today, the global economy is characterized by low growth, especially across developed markets, and high inflation, propelled by energy transition costs and supply-chain relocations, in a sort of transformative globalization. This has led to the end of "cheap money," as central banks fight inflation. Meanwhile, high public debt limits the room for fiscal maneuvering during economic downturns. All this can make economic cycles highly volatile, with inflationary periods and more frequent negative market phases than in the past three decades. This will highlight the relevance of embracing a dynamic asset allocation approach. We suggest investors keep a cautious stance, given the risk of weak corporate earnings, and favor bonds, as developed markets official rates may be close to a peak. Once visibility on earnings and growth improves, investors may raise their exposure to risky assets.

01 |  Deglobalization, the energy transition and high inflation call for a dynamic asset allocation approach.

02 | Desynchronized growth-inflation dynamics are likely to put global fixed income and forex approaches in focus.

03 | We believe Net Zero will be a significant trend for portfolio construction.

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