Our Amundi Insurance-Linked Securities Strategy strives to provide attractive risk-adjusted total returns. The Strategy seeks to offer diversified1 exposure to the global reinsurance market across geographical regions and insurance perils.

1Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.





Our Amundi Insurance-Linked Securities Strategy provides a unique opportunity to invest in an alternative asset class with low correlation to financial markets. This may result in strong diversification benefits and an attractive risk/return profile. We believe a portfolio construction approach that mimics the regional and peril exposure of the global reinsurance industry and that seeks to reduce adverse selection through a comprehensive due-diligence process can add value over a purely passive approach over time.

Insurance-linked securities investors take on the role of a reinsurance company, receiving premiums in exchange for accepting the risk of a loss. If the triggering events do not occur during the lifecycle of the agreement, the investor enjoys a periodic coupon payment related to insurance premiums and principal repayment at the end of the investment term. If one of the specified events occurs, all or part of the principal is used to pay insured losses and the investors' coupon payments cease or are reduced. At maturity there is either zero or a reduced amount of principal repaid.

Chin Liu

Managing Director
Director of Insurance-Linked Securities, 
Director of Fixed Income Solutions
Portfolio Manager



  • Employees a portfolio construction approach that scales diversification, liquidity and risk    
  • Overweights attractively priced risks when available
  • Seeks to capture illiquidity premiums in "hard" markets
  • Moves to less remote risk when premiums are attractive

Why Amundi US?

A strong fixed income investment culture focused on sound, fundamental research drives the management of the Amundi Insurance-Linked Security Strategy. Key features of the Strategy include:

  • Active management approach: Amundi US uses a research-intensive approach to insurance-linked securities investing that seeks to minimize adverse selection and non-modeled risks. Our global fixed income and equity research analysts support the portfolio management team, which includes comprehensive coverage of the insurance industry. We believe this provides unique insights into the reinsurance industry's approach to capital markets and should result in strong long-term, risk-adjusted returns.
  • Risk management focus: Our process utilizes a deep team of quantitative risk analysts and sophisticated modeling capabilities. Analysts work closely with the Portfolio Management team to provide comprehensive portfolio risk and attribution analysis. The risk modeling process is supported by Air Worldwide's Touchstone® system, a risk analytics system widely used by the insurance industry.
  • Experience and commitment: Amundi US has been investing in the asset class since 2007. Since then, the market structure and investor base has evolved significantly. Our experience enhances our ability to evaluate and negotiate deal structures and provides us with understanding in a specialized market - that can help promote strong relationships.
  • Optimal size with global access: The Insurance-Linked Securities team is part of a broader investment organization and manages insurance-linked securities as a component of many of our diversified portfolios on a dedicated basis. We believe our size and flexibility allows us to be an attractive risk-sharing partner with our reinsurance sponsors. This may enhance our relationships and provide broader market access.