A Flexible Core Equity Strategy Pursuing Sustainable Growth


Pioneer Fund

Y-Share: PYODX | A-Share: PIODX 
C-Share: PCODX | R-Share: PIORX 

The Fund flexibly allocates to both value and growth companies via a concentrated, nimble portfolio, designed to help investors navigate transitions between equity styles. The Fund's portfolio managers integrate ESG analysis into their investment process and evaluate ESG-related risks.

1Out of 536 (3-Year) and 486 (5-Year) Lipper Large-Cap Core Funds Classification. Based on historical risk-adjusted returns of Class Y shares, relative to peers as of 11/30/2020. For more information about Lipper Fund Awards from Refinitiv, including methodology please see Pioneer Fund Lipper Awards Flyer

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A Track Record of Responsible Investing that Spans Over 90 Years

Since the Fund’s inception in 1928, we have invested in quality, sustainable businesses - from both a competitive and ESG perspective - that provide useful goods and services to society.


Socially Responsible Investing

For over 60 years, the portfolio managers have applied socially responsible investment screens to avoid tobacco, alcohol and gambling stocks. Companies that seek to achieve favorable outcomes for diverse stakeholders - beyond solely focusing on the bottom line - provide investors with the opportunity for enduring returns through a range of market environments. 

Managing Risk

Fund managers focus on quality value and growth companies that offer a strong business model, sustainable competitive advantages and shareholder orientation. By targeting equities at prices below intrinsic value, we seek to limit downside risk. This helps us pursue the best opportunities for risk-adjusted returns over time. 

Qualitative Research

The Fund seeks to include securities which offer attractive risk/reward ratio through analysis of industry structure, business outlook and financials. Focuses include profitability and growth, sustainable competitive advantages, and shareholder-friendly activity.

Active Management Outperformed Over the Long Term