Building on our History of Responsible Investing

ESG Literature

Integrating ESG Analysis in Active Equity Investing

With the confusion and explosion of competing third-party ESG research, assessing quality companies is not straightforward. We believe our approach to ESG investing offers a competitive advantage.  

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Integrating ESG Analysis into Fixed Income Investing

Unlike equity investors, fixed income investors encounter several complicating factors can affect the assessment of an ESG risk’s impact on a credit. Our fixed income investment team has adopted a holistic, multidimensional approach to analyzing ESG risks and opportunities.  

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ESG Integration: Investing Responsibly - Our ESG Capabilities

While responsible investing is becoming mainstream in the US, it is not new to us. Our capabilities and investment processes are rooted in responsible investing, which actively integrates ESG factors as focus on sustainable investing is a fundamental pillar of our global platform.

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Responsible Investing: Aligning Values with Investments

The world is changing and investors are increasingly aligning themselves with companies that can adapt to these changes and the difference they make for communities and the environment. Responsible investing approaches range from values-driven to those that offer the opportunity to pursue a variety of potential financial outcomes.

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ESG in Securitized Assets: A Principled Approach

This paper provides a detailed summary of the challenges ESG investors face when analyzing a unique asset class such as Securitized assets, and how we approach that analysis.

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Outcome-oriented Responsible Investing: From Values to Valuation

Interest in responsible investing is growing at a rapid rate. This paper offers a framework to categorize responsible investing approaches. By examining their evolution and the potential influence of ESG factors on investment performance, we can provide some clarity to their roles in pursuing investor objectives.  

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ESG Insights & Perspectives  


The Green Swan: Central Banking and Financial Stability in the Age of Climate Change

Climate change poses new challenges to central banks, regulators, and supervisors. This book reviews ways of addressing these new risks within central banks' financial stability mandate. 

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How ESG Investing has Impacted the Asset Pricing in the Equity Market

This discussion paper goes into more depth on Amundi’s 2010-2017 research and findings on ESG investing and the equity market. The study focused on three types of ESG strategies: active management (or stock picking portfolios), passive management (or optimized index portfolios) and factor investing portfolios.

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Investing for our Future: Mobilizing Investors and Innovating Against Climate Change 

We believe that faced with capital preservation objectives, both investors and asset managers cannot ignore risks posed by climate change. Not only is managing and mitigating climate change-related risks aligned with long-term objectives, investors and asset managers also have a key role to play in financing the energy transition.

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ESG Investing & Equity Asset Pricing: Key Findings

Amundi’s academic study, conducted 2010-2017, found significant results highlighting the impact of ESG investing on investment returns. Key findings outline unique diversification and risk profiles.

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Climate Capabilities: Favoring the Energy Transition

The impact of climate change on our environment has become more visible and the growing environmental consequences of global warming is expected to have significant impact on humanity. Asset managers and investors can participate in managing and mitigating climate-related risks.

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