Tech Sell-Off and Bond Temptation

Tuesday 31 May 2022

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Tech Sell-Off and Bond Temptation

June 2022 | High inflation, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, slowing economic momentum and the COVID-19 lockdowns in China are causing volatility in the markets. This is happening at a time when forward earnings multiples have contracted from the levels seen last year, amid higher inflation and rates expectations. Increasing stagflationary risks and still-present geopolitical tensions suggest investors should  maintain or even increase hedges.

01 |   Amundi Institute Insights: Budget deficit reductions will be accompanied by diminished household savings and greater pressure on corporate profits. On the monetary side, we're witnessing the end of ultra-cheap money.

02 | Fixed Income: The repricing of a more aggressive Fed stance has been brutal, and rates are now at a level that could call for a recalibration of asset allocations.

03 | Equity: Overall, the focus on valuations remain key, as the expensive areas of the market will remain under pressure. Our overall approach remains that of selection, with a focus on earnings sustainability beyond the near term.

Global Investment Views - Tech sell-off - June 2022

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06/28/2022 Equity

Why Now is the Time for Active Management in US Equities

As we depart an era of low inflation and easy access to capital and enter a period marked by higher inflation, higher commodity prices, and higher interest rates, we believe the market has already begun  to rotate out of the narrow cohort of mega-cap growth stocks that have been leading the market.  We believe active managers may benefit from this shift as excessive concentration levels in US equities unwind, providing greater market breadth. 

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