The Autumn Hard vs. Soft Landing Puzzle

Thursday 08 September 2022

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The Autumn Hard vs. Soft Landing Puzzle

September 2022 | With the Q2 earnings season still showing positive trends, the buoyant market environment has translated into looser financial conditions, further complicating the task for central banks. Now that the Fed has reasserted its hawkish stance, we are starting to see some further downward movements, which we think may continue. At this point, we see no positive triggers to keep the rally going, while there are rising risks moving into autumn amid a gloomier economic backdrop.

01 |  Amundi Institute Insights: Central banks remain committed to fighting inflation. Our expectation points to hitting a terminal rate of about 1.5% at year-end, and a 0.75% hike in September is now on the cards.

02 | Fixed Income: Elevated inflation, aggressive Fed and ECB, and market expectations are driving yields and risk assets. While we are neutral on duration, we are active and tactical in adjusting/upgrading our stance depending on the extent of yield movements.

03 | Equity: The Fed has clearly indicated its resolve to control inflation, but earnings estimates still look too optimistic and will be revised down. We think in this environment investors should maintain a focus on earnings and valuations.

The Autumn Hard vs. Soft Landing Puzzle

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06/28/2022 Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income

The Desynchronization of the Cycle

Dramatic price action has taken place over the past weeks in equities and bonds, following hot inflation prints, central bank actions and rising concerns over economic growth. Against this still highly volatile backdrop, investors should stay diversified and avoid adding risk as the market repricing, although advanced, is not over yet. This is the time to move towards high-quality areas and resilient business models that can preserve margins.

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