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Conflict in Ukraine

Replay | Recorded March 31, 2022

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Our Latest Views

As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve and escalate, listen to Amundi’s views on the crisis. Amundi’s investment and research specialists shared their thoughts on the situation, what we expect from the markets, and our views on investment opportunities and risks.

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Views and Expectations
Recorded: March 17, 2022

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Views and Expectations
Recorded: March 1, 2022


Replay | Recorded March 10, 2022

Focus: Europe and Globalization - Ukraine Conflict

In this video, Pascal Blanqué, chairman of the Amundi Institute, discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with Sir Simon Fraser, the former permanent under-secretary of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Through their dynamic discussion, Fraser examines the various impacts of the Ukraine situation on Europe and the world.

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Fund Updates

Video | March 2022

Pioneer Fund: Doing Good While Seeking to Do Well

Pioneer Fund’s integrated approach to ESG investing looks for companies that are competitively strong, financially sound, and socially and environmentally responsible.  Jeff Kripke explains how this Fund is designed to pursue above average returns over time with reduced risk.

The Fund generally excludes corporate issuers that do not meet or exceed minimum ESG standards. Excluding specific issuers limits the universe of investments available to the Fund, which may mean forgoing some investment opportunities available to funds without similar ESG standards.

Webinar | Recorded February 8, 2021

Pioneer ILS Interval Fund Webinar

Topics Discussed
  • Insurance-Linked Securities Investment Results, Correlations and Historical Returns
  • "1/1" 2022 Renewal Review
  • 2021 Event Review
  • Industry Trends
  • February/March 2022 Subscription Schedule and Capacity


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Video | February 2022

Ten-Year Record Providing An Outcome-Oriented Solution

Watch Howard Weiss, CFA, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, explain how the Fund is positioned to help investors seeking income and enhancement of purchasing power over time while navigating the challenges of today’s markets, including heightened inflation and volatility.

Previous Updates

Asset TV Replay | November 2021

Outlook for High Yield Municipal Bonds

Portfolio Manager Jonathan Chirunga explains the relationship between inflation and high yield municipal bonds, what has been driving the growth of the asset class, and why he thinks now may be a good time to invest in high yield municipal bonds.

Asset TV Replay | November 2021

Infrastructure Spending, Taxes, and the Outlook for Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds are currently experiencing their second-lowest default rate since the 1920s. How could the inflationary outlook and the proposed changes to federal tax policy affect the municipal bond market, and how could investors position their fixed income portfolios as we move into 2022?

Asset TV Replay | October 2021

Searching for Income: Short-duration fixed income as a hedge against inflation and rising rates

In their pursuit of yield, investors should become increasingly selective as they consider shifting into investments that prioritize income over capital gains. Noah Funderburk explains why short and ultra-short duration bonds can be useful tools for reducing the opportunity cost of cash and potentially generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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