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Webinar | Recorded March 22, 2023

Global Banking, Central Banks & the Economy: What Happens Next? 

In this video, Vincent Mortier, Group Chief Investment Officer; Ken Taubes, Chief Investment Officer, US; and Paresh Upadhyaya, Director of Fixed Income and Currency Strategies, US, and Portfolio Manager, discuss the US Federal Reserve’s March rate decision and broader issues in the banking system and economy.

Video | Recorded March 16, 2023

Conversation with Lisa Jones, CEO, and Ken Taubes, CIO 

In this video, Lisa Jones, CEO of Amundi US, discusses with Ken Taubes, CIO of Amundi US, the economic implications of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the response of the US Federal Reserve, and the possibility of a hard economic landing ahead.

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Potential Opps Banking Sector
04/06/2023 Investment Talks

Potential Opportunities in the US Banking Sector

Despite the failure of a handful of banks in the US and one in Europe, our view is that 2023 will not present a financial crisis in the magnitude of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008. Furthermore, we believe now is an opportunity to take advantage of the volatility in the banking space by increasing allocations to the banks that we believe to be structural winners—those that have invested in technology or have enviable deposit dynamics.

Markets nervous on Deutche Bank
03/27/2023 Investment Talks

Market Nervous on Deutsche Bank, but Fundamentals of European Banks are Solid

Fed Chair Jerome Powell's comments confirmed the Fed is very likely close to the peak in its rate cycle, but he clearly did not endorse the rate cuts currently priced into the market. He struck a balanced tone between maintaining financial stability and stressing the Fed's ongoing fight against inflation. He noted that while the Fed did consider a policy pause, recent stability in financial conditions appeared to have tipped the scales in favor of a hike, and he reiterated that the Fed has the tools to address financial stability risks. Overall, he worked hard to alleviate concerns about the safety of deposits, stating the banking system is safe, and well capitalized.

A global assessment
03/21/2023 Investment Talks

A Global Assessment of the Implications of Recent Banking Sector Developments

In the US, the credit crunch, which is already starting to materialize, will impact growth and will determine how pronounced the recession will be. Amid a weaker economic outlook, the market is reassessing central banks' actions. European banks' earnings growth will still be positive, just less so than previously thought. Concerns about credit crunches in Europe appear excessive amid the strong liquidity profile and capital position of European banks. While we already started the year with a cautious stance in risky assets, we have become increasingly prudent in credit high yield. We have also become more constructive on US duration, as it has started to work again as a diversifier of risk in periods of turmoil.

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