Crisis Memories Return in Vulnerable Markets

Friday 31 March 2023

Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income


Crisis Memories Return in Vulnerable Markets

April 2023 | March brought a wake-up call to markets after a complacent start to the year. The trigger was the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and other US regional banks, followed by that of Credit Suisse in Europe. The repricing of core yields and changes to market expectations regarding central bank actions have been massive in both the US and Europe. Bond volatility reached the highest levels since the Great Financial Crisis, while equity volatility also spiked, but to a lesser extent.

01 |  Amundi Institute Insights: The repricing of core yields and changes to market expectations regarding central bank actions have been massive in both the US and Europe.

02 | Fixed Income: We suggest investors actively explore bonds, particularly US government bonds, to provide some stability to their portfolios at a time of tightening financial conditions in the markets and for lending standards.

03 | Equity: Investors can consider focusing on companies with strong balance sheets in the quality and value spaces. In these areas, we look at earnings potential of businesses with operational efficiencies.

Global Investment Views - April 2023

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Inflation trends, central banks and geopolitics to drive markets

 In addition to central banks' policies and inflation trends, we believe domestic politics and their impact on international relations will be important determinants of financial markets and economic direction. Our economic outlook is relatively robust, but valuations are tight in some areas of risk assets, allowing us to stay slightly positive on equities overall. However, we reduced our stance slightly in developed market equities and believe investors should consider building protection in some areas here. In bonds, we are constructive on US duration and core Europe, while we maintain our cautious stance on Japan. In corporate credit, EU investment grade is our favorite area.

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Recent inflation and growth data from the US indicates continued strength in the economy, leading Amundi and various institutions including the International Monetary Fund, to revise US growth forecasts upward. We believe current strong momentum will continue into Q2, but expect a deceleration in H2. Inflation data also points to stickier prices, with upside risks, especially around oil, from the recent geopolitical escalation, opening a difficult phase for central banks. We expect fewer rate cuts but higher uncertainty around policy actions.