Life Above Zero: Investors' Journey at a Time of Rising Rates

Friday 01 July 2022

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Life Above Zero: Investors' Journey at a Time of Rising Rates

July 2022 | We expect economic momentum to slow in the second half of 2022 as inflation acts as a regressive tax on consumers with huge divergences across regions, countries and sectors. However, we do not foresee a global recession. Inflation might be close to peaking in most areas, but we expect the inflationary environment to persist in 2022 and 2023.

01 |  The H2 economic outlook features divergences in growth, inflation and policy mix across regions. Stagflation risk will likely be a common feature across developed markets.

02 | Inflation may be close to a peak, but should stay high due to deglobalization, supply bottlenecks, high commodity prices and upbeat US wage growth. A psychological dimension is also kicking in.

03 | Fiscal stimulus is mostly behind us, with some country specific room available, particularly in Europe and China. In the United States, fiscal space is non existent ahead of mid term elections.

Life Above Zero: Investors' Journey - Time of Rising Rates

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