Looming Divergences and the Great Asset Repricing

Monday 02 May 2022

Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income


Looming Divergences and the Great Asset Repricing

May 2022 | We are witnessing significant divergences in the economic outlooks and in market performances. From an investment standpoint, while investors should maintain a neutral risk stance, there is room to play these divergences across the different asset classes. While short-term inflation may start to decelerate, the long-term view is increasingly showing that sticky inflation remains high in light of geopolitical risks and the supply chain stress amid Shanghai’s lockdown. The US economy remains solid while the Eurozone is the most exposed to stagflationary risk. We will most likely see at least a short-lived recession in the second half of 2022, triggered by Germany and Italy, while France and Spain might show some resilience.

01 |  Amundi Institute Insights: There is an ongoing global repricing of risk under way, signalling a potential inflection point for risky assets. The repricing point in equities should see a tilt toward value and quality, pointing to an outperformance in these sectors.

02 | Fixed Income: Financial conditions have not tightened significantly so far, but they might if central banks are aggressive enough to curb inflation. A watchful, bottom-up stance on credit is should prepare investors for future discrimination.

03 | Equity: Pricing power, business model resilience and balance sheet strength is key. Pricing power can arise from brands, intellectual property and other forms of product differentiation. The risk remains around valuations and, in this respect, a relative value approach is key.

Global Investment Views - Looming Divergences - May 2022

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