The Continuing Case for US Value

Friday 02 December 2022



The Continuing Case for US Value

November 2022 | Today’s investing environment is characterized by higher normalized inflation, higher supply-constrained commodity costs, labor shortages and quantitative tightening. We believe these are  primary conditions for the potential outperformance of value over growth, and that this cycle’s transition has likely only just begun. Furthermore, secular changes of value vs. growth are best measured in quarters, or even years; therefore, we do not see short-term rallies of growth stocks indicative of a larger long-term trend.

01 |  As the US Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates in an effort to curb stubbornly high levels of inflation, we favor US Value securities relative to overall US market.

02 | We believe Value companies provide a unique combination of structural growth potential, quality, stability and relative valuation support.

03 | We also believe we are still in the early days of a commodity super-cycle that will further position Value companies for outperformance.

The Rotation to US Value

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