The Desynchronization of the Cycle

Tuesday 28 June 2022

Global Investment Views, Equity, Fixed income


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July 2022 | Dramatic price action has taken place over the past weeks in equities and bonds, following hot inflation prints, central bank actions and rising concerns over economic growth. Against this still highly volatile backdrop, investors should stay diversified and avoid adding risk as the market repricing, although advanced, is not over yet. This is the time to move towards high-quality areas and resilient business models that can preserve margins.

01 |   Amundi Institute Insights:  Western monetary policy has executed an impressive U-turn in the space of a few weeks, but significant monetary policy tightening will still be needed to rein in expectations about how fast prices will rise.

02 | Fixed Income: On yields, we may see some further volatility, but current levels are more attractive considering the direction of growth is down and inflation is reaching its peak.

03 | Equity: Security selection is the key to long-term returns, while we also play regional divergences and a preference for the US and China in the near term.

Global Investment View-Desynchronization of Cycle-July 2022

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As we depart an era of low inflation and easy access to capital and enter a period marked by higher inflation, higher commodity prices, and higher interest rates, we believe the market has already begun  to rotate out of the narrow cohort of mega-cap growth stocks that have been leading the market.  We believe active managers may benefit from this shift as excessive concentration levels in US equities unwind, providing greater market breadth.