Weathering the Storm in US Equities

Tuesday 06 December 2022

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Weathering the Storm in US Equities

December 2022 | With CPI currently above 7%, and the US Federal  Reserve moving aggressively to curtail it, a recession 2023 appears likely. To prepare their portfolios, investors may wish to balance exposure to quality value stocks with reasonably priced, high-quality growth stocks. This is because quality factors, which include return on equity, return on assets, net income margin and asset turnover, consistently outperformed in past earnings-driven bear markets.

01 |  While peak inflation may be behind us, prior periods in which inflation has been over 5% have ended in recessions.

02 | S&P 500 earnings have always declined in recessions. Consensus 2023 earnings estimates are above those of 2022, however, suggesting investors have not yet discounted a potential recession.

03 | During previous earnings declines, high quality factors have outperformed low quality ones. As a result, we believe investors may benefit in 2023 with a quality orientation in their equity portfolios.

Weathering the Storm in US Equities

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