Winds of war blow on economic outlook

Thursday 24 March 2022

Global Investment View, Fixed income, Equity


Winds of war blow on economic outlook

April 2022 | Europe is the area most exposed to the war – in particular, through the effects of higher energy prices, supply chain disruptions, and geographic proximity— but the commodity squeeze goes far beyond energy to include agricultural commodities and metals.  We suggest that investors resist the temptation to go for an aggressive asset allocation, as visibility is still too low, and continue to look at portfolio construction through an inflation lens.

01 |  Amundi Institute Insights: We expect several macro factors to drive portfolio returns, and we recommend a neutral stance on global equities. In the search for market entry points, investors should look for valuations that are offer a positive attractive gap. 

02 | Fixed Income: Investors should tread cautiously regarding risk assets, despite strong corporate fundamentals. They can consider government bonds for their protective nature, but should keep in mind that interest rates are set to continue to rise.

03 | Equity: Market volatility has increased over the past few weeks, significantly raising risk premiums and widening the outcomes related to economic growth. The current disruption will not affect all emerging markets equally.

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