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We are pleased to unveil Amundi’s new website, devoted to bringing you our latest economic outlook and research, as well as our financial markets analysis.Our online content aims to offer you leading edge research in asset management and to deliv...

Amundi News

Amundi News

A choppy month of October ... almost a custom!

Paris, 14th November 2014

Amundi News

3rd Quarter 2014 : Amundi’s quarterly results released

Paris, september 30th

3rd Quarter 2014 : Amundi's results released

Amundi News

Amundi’s results at 30 June 2014

Paris, 5th august 2014

Amundi quarterly results - Q2 2014

Amundi News

Amundi’s results at 31 march 2014

Paris, 7th may 2014

Amundi's results

Amundi's quarterly results released today.

Amundi News

Crédit Agricole S.A. announced the end of the talks with Société Gé...

Paris, 7th May 2014,

Crédit Agricole S.A. & Société Générale

Fixed Interest

Amundi, a European leader in Fixed Income offers compelling return opportunities in Fixed Interest.

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More information about our Fixed Interest expertise.

Market insights


Is acceleration of growth essential for the enduranceof risky assets?

When we look back at recent years, we notice that economic growth has not been the most important factor in determining asset prices. Exiting the crisis, eliminating systemic risks, abundant liquidity, and the rush for  preads and yields have each had a crucial role to play.

Fixed Income

The Quandary

A new era has begun in the euro zone. Market players are loath to hazard a guess on how long this era will last. The consequences of this...

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Equity funds

Doing nothing is an investment decision

Today we are in uncharted territory with the Eonia for the 1st time in its history entering negative territory. This is an unprecedented...

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Tactical Allocation

The current environment implies searching for value through tactical asset allocation and concentrating on absolute return targets rather...

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Amundi Funds

Amundi Funds

A selection of the best ranges of funds managed by Amundi* and authorised (offered) for sale in around thirty countries. It offers a wide variety of assets, from the most traditional to the most cutting-edge, with a fee structure adapted to each investor's needs.

*The management of certain sub-funds has been delegated or sub-delegated to companies which are not a part of Amundi Group.

Structured Funds

Structured Funds

Amundi Investment Solutions offers advisory and structured product design services tailored to the economic, regulatory and tax environment of investors worldwide.

Amundi ETF

Amundi ETF

Available on Europe’s main stock exchanges, the Amundi ETF offering comprises a wide choice of products facilitating investment in a broad range of equity, fixed income and commodity indices at competitive rates