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Explore our wide range of ETFs, indexing and smart beta solutions designed for institutional investors. Benefit from our expertise and resources to help you achieve your investment goals.

Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta is one of Amundi’s strategic business areas and is a key growth driver for the Group.

Your leading partner in ETF, indexing & smart beta solutions

With over 30 years1 of experience in benchmark construction and replication, we are a trusted leader in ETF and Index management. The team is also recognised as pioneers in smart beta & factor investing, with a track record of over 10 years1.


Our platform provides one of the largest ranges of responsible ETFs2, including a wide selection of ESG and climate products. Additionally, we offer flexible solutions to meet investors’ specific needs.

Your leading partner in ETF, indexing & smart beta solutions

we are a trusted leader in ETF and Index management and pioneers in Smart Beta & Factor Investing as we provide one of the largest ranges of responsible ETFs2

Expertise you can trust

We offer well-established solutions tailored to your needs.

€376 bn

in AuM¹

30 years

of indexing expertise¹

+10 years

Smart beta track record¹

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Distribution & Wealth Division, Passive & Alternative business lines, Amundi

Fannie Wurtz

Head of Distribution & Wealth Division, Passive business line, Amundi

Being part of Amundi enables us to offer innovative and cost-efficient ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta solutions to investors of all stripes. Partnering with investors is at the core of our development: we take into consideration their needs and constraints to help them navigate all market conditions.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Distribution & Wealth Division, Passive business line, Amundi

Your European ETF leader

Our broad range of products offer investors a choice across asset classes, geographies, sectors and themes.

Your European ETF leader

ETF and indexing capabilities at Amundi

A trusted partner for indexing

Your European partner for Indexing

A trusted partner for indexing

Our expertise in equity and bond index management is driven by years of experience, robust in-house research, and a broad understanding of asset classes and indices.


Leveraging on our competitive pricing power, we offer an open-ended range covering key equity and fixed income exposures.


Smart beta & factor investing

In today’s landscape of increased market shock and volatility, investors are seeking innovative solutions that offer robust performance while managing risk effectively.


To meet these needs, we offer a complete range of smart beta & factor investing solutions, managed by a team of dedicated experts.

Smart beta & factor investing

Smart Beta & Factor Investing
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Information on Amundi’s responsible investing can be found on and
The investment decision must take into account all the characteristics and objectives of the Fund, as described in the relevant Prospectus.

1. All figures and data are provided by Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta as of 31/03/2024.
2. Source: ETFGI Global ESG ETF and ETP industry insights, data as at end March 2024, Amundi ETF has the largest range of responsible ETFs within the European ETF market.

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