Our commitment

Since our creation in 2010, we have made responsible investing a cornerstone of our strategy, making social and environmental responsibility one of our four founding pillars.


Responsible investment: The essence of who we are

We are committed to supporting you navigate the responsible investment landscape by leveraging on our long-standing experience as a responsible investor and our ambition is to become a catalyst for sustainable change.


Since the launch of our first ethical fund in 1989, we have constantly improved our commitment to responsible investment which is well illustrated in our global responsible investment policy:


  • A dedicated organisation: >70 experts
  • A robust ESG analysis process:  + 15 ESG rating and data providers
  • Minimum standards & exclusion policy 
  • Comprehensive stewardship activity including voting and engagement
  • A pioneer of responsible financial innovation

Responsible investment: The essence of who we are

 We have constantly improved our commitment to ESG which is well illustrated in our Responsible Investment Policy

your responsible partner

A pioneer

in responsible investing

>€ 886 bn

in responsible AuM¹

+19 000

issuers with an ESG rating¹

ESG Ambition 2025

Through our 3-year ESG strategic plan, ESG Ambition 2025, we seek to achieve a faster path towards decarbonisation. This plan is based on three objectives.

Strengthen our savings and investment solutions offering to serve sustainable development.

Deepen our engagement towards investee companies

Set objectives for Amundi as a company in line with corporate commitments

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1. Source: Amundi, data at 31/12/2023

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There is no guarantee that ESG considerations will enhance a strategy’s performance. The decision of investors to invest in the promoted strategies should take into account all characteristics of objectives of the strategies.
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