30/09/2022 Geopolitics
Upheaval in the global FX regime The energy and inflation crises have uncovered cracks in the long-standing global foreign exchange regime. A new approach to currency management is required to face the immediate challenges, and the rise of an alternative regime.
30/09/2022 Geopolitics
Global foreign exchange regime faces winds of change Dollar strength is causing strains, even in developed countries like Japan and Britain. Countries will have to intervene to fix misalignments in currency markets.
28/09/2022 Economy & Markets Geopolitics
UK market turmoil points towards further volatility in global currencies Understand recent market reaction to the UK budget proposal that had significant market impact on the Sterling and look into what are the implications on global currencies.
28/09/2022 Fixed Income Asset Allocation
Time to refocus on bonds - Rethinking portfolios after the great repricing Time to refocus on bonds - Rethinking portfolios after the great repricing
27/09/2022 Economy & Markets Geopolitics
Italy election: no major surprise from the polls, maybe positive for markets Election outcome and political scenario: The centre-right coalition won Italy’s general election on 25 September, with approximately 44% of votes.
23/09/2022 Central Banks Economy & Markets
20-21 September FOMC meeting: the move into restrictive territory Understanding the outcome of the July FOMC meeting and its market and implications.
RC - Working Paper
22/09/2022 Asset Allocation Fixed Income
Real-Time Macro Information and Bond Return Predictability: A Weighted Group Deep Learning Approach This paper proposes a weighted group neural network model and reexamines whether treasury bond returns are predictable when real-time, instead of fully-revised, macro information is used.
RC - 2022 - 09 - Working Paper - Slider
19/09/2022 Asset Allocation Pension Funds
Altruism or Self-Interest? ESG and Participation in Employee Share Plans We ask how the ESG performance of firms affects the asset allocation of a large sample of French employees between their employer’s stock and alternative investments in firm sponsored savings plans.
13/09/2022 Economy & Markets Fixed Income
ECB meeting: bold rate hike; watch out for more to come Understanding the outcome of the latest ECB meeting and its fallout on the euro bond market.

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