23/05/2022 Equity Economy & Markets
Navigating an inflationary environment in US and global equities Understanding the outcome of the May FOMC meeting and its market and implications
16/05/2022 Asset Allocation
Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q2 2022 The continuing surging inflation due to the supply shocks and the Ukrainian conflict have dominated headlines compounding to the possible repercussions surrounding climate change, further affecting economic and financial indicators in the medium term and beyond.
RC - 2022.05 - Invstmt talks - Slider
09/05/2022 Central Banks Economy & Markets
3-4 May FOMC meeting: 50bp interest rate hike is bullish for markets Understanding the outcome of the May FOMC meeting and its market and implications
09/05/2022 Asset Allocation Shifts & Narratives
Shifts & Narratives #17 - Keeping up with climate change in setting long-term asset class views Dealing with the changes driven by the energy transition requires a complete rethinking of asset class returns forecasting and brings major implications for investors. In the piece we address the key themes for investors driven by the energy on a 10 and 30 years horizon and the implications on the strategic asset allocation and the asset classes that will be favoured.
RC-2022.05 - Thematic1 -slider
06/05/2022 Investment Outlook Central Banks
Upward pressures on inflation are the major market driver We expect central banks to remain on the hawkish side as long as inflation expectations remain on the upside, as central banks are afraid of losing their credibility.
RC - 2022.05 - Thematic-2 -slider
06/05/2022 Investment Outlook Emerging Markets
Hold tight for the Chinese demand shock: faith over fear The extended lockdown in Shanghai and other cities have shattered market confidence, sending Chinese equity market down again over the month.
RC - 2022.05 - Global views - french elections -slider
06/05/2022 Investment Outlook Geopolitics
French presidential election: Macron’s victory provides continuity but lacks political support The incumbent president’s re-election avoids an unpredictable political phase for France.
05/05/2022 Investment Outlook
Q2 2022: A late cycle with a greater focus on inflation The shift to an inflationary late cycle has been confirmed with greater conviction and a focus on higher inflation (and rates). Economic momentum is still decelerating at a global level but with tentative signs of stabilisation.
05/05/2022 Economy & Markets Asset Allocation
Setting your investment objectives: institutional asset allocation practice Understanding the factors that contribute to setting investment objectives in the Investment Policy Statement.

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