26/01/2023 Economy & Markets Fixed Income
Bonds are back: credit markets in focus during 2023 Understanding the outlook for credit markets in 2023
19/01/2023 ESG Fixed Income
The Market Effect of Acute Biodiversity Risk: the Case of Brazilian Corporate Bonds The market effect of acute biodiversity risk: the case of Brazilian corporate bonds. This paper highlights a study examining the linkages between biodiversity events and corporate bond spreads.
RC - 2022 - 09 - Working Paper - Slider
16/01/2023 ESG
The Impact of Climate Risks on Social Inequality Reducing social inequality and protecting the environment are two distinct objectives that can both complement and contradict each other. In this study, we examine the impact of climate risks on social inequality and demonstrate a potential trade-off between environmental and social improvements
13/01/2023 Equity
What Artificial Intelligence reveals about share price reactions? What AI reveals about stock prices?- this piece outlines research by Amundi on the usefulness of using AI in stock analysis and valuation.
RC - 2022 - 09 - Working Paper - Slider
13/01/2023 Equity ESG
What do we Learn from a Machine Understanding News Content? Stock Market Reaction to News Using textual data extracted by Causality Link platform from a large variety of news sources (news stories, call transcripts, broker research, etc.), we build aggregate news signals that take into account the tone, the tense and the prominence of various news statements about a given firm.
06/01/2023 Equity Investment Outlook ESG
ESG in motion: a dynamic forward-looking approach to detect ESG ‘improvers’ ESG improvers investment approach - outlines the ESG improvers concept (main piece) and there is a three pager infographics piece
03/01/2023 Investment Outlook
China: back to pragmatism In one month, China dropped most of its Covid-related restrictions, vowed to support the housing market more, and set pro-growth policies.
03/01/2023 Investment Outlook Economy & Markets
A strained German economy can be good news for Europe The energy crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine has altered profoundly Europe’s economic performance and prospects.
AIIB & Amundi Climate Change Investment Framework: 1st report AIIB and Amundi publish 1st report on implementation of the Climate Change Investment Framework to drive Asia’s Green recovery and transition.

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