20/01/2022 ESG
The wheels of a Circular Economy go round and round - N°5 The fashion industry: making circular the “new look” of fashion Over the past two decades, a concept called ‘fast fashion’ inherently changed the fashion industry. Between 2000 and 2014, clothing production has doubled while 50% of it is discarded within the year.
18/01/2022 Shifts & Narratives Central Banks
Shifts & Narratives #13 - Money and psychology of inflation: an investor view Understanding the linkage between money velocity, psychology of inflation in the regime shift, and consequence for investors.
18/01/2022 Central Banks Economy & Markets
Money and its velocity matter: the great comeback of the quantity equation of money in an era of regime shift Understanding the linkage between money velocity, psychology of inflation in the regime shift, and consequence for investors.
13/01/2022 Geopolitics Emerging Markets
Kazakhstan: low impact for asset prices, but a wakeup call for geopolitical risk Understanding recent turmoil in Kazakhstan and its evolution, as well as the implications on its economy and potential geopolitical consequences in the region.
13/01/2022 Multi-Asset Economy & Markets
Resilient multi-asset portfolios in an inflationary regime Understanding how the Amundi Inflation Phazer tool works and how it could be useful in predicting prevailing inflation regimes and adjusting multi-asset portfolios.
10/01/2022 ESG
The wheels of a Circular Economy go round and round - N°4 The Electronics and ICT sector: designing a new matrix Since the 1980's, the electronics industry has grown dramatically and has benefited substantially from the linear economy by regularly offering new and better products, pushing consumers to renew their computer equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) at an ever-increasing frequency.
05/01/2022 Investment Outlook
LatAm's political pendulum takes a hard swing to the left in 2021 2021 Covid surging in 1H and inflation swelling in 2H have contributed to the political pendulum swinging hard left in LatAm. More structurally, the commodity super cycle unwind mid last decade and the political discontent likely set the entire shift in motion. Against the general trend, some elections cycles moved in the other direction as well.
2022.01 - Cross Asset January 2022
05/01/2022 Investment Outlook Fixed Income
Central banks: a successful hawkish turn The three major central banks issued restrictive signals last week. The banks have succeeded in changing the course of their monetary policies without harming the markets.
05/01/2022 Investment Outlook
You asked, we answer - January 2022 Our Global Views team attempts to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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