Sovereign Institutions

In an environment marked by macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, sovereign entities are pursuing a broad set of objectives.


Supporting sovereign entities along the value chain

Sovereign institutions navigate a complex environment of macroeconomic and geopolitical instability, aiming to preserve capital in the short-term and generate long-term returns.


We aim to support you in achieving these objectives through an end-to-end partnership proposal that includes strategic advisory services and asset management.


Supporting sovereign entities along the value chain

Sovereign entitities: Why place your trust in Amundi?

We offer a broad range of services:

Tactical asset allocation advisory, spanning active and passive asset classes.

Responsible and more specifically green finance investment strategies.

Strategic advice on key issues such as risk hedging, ESG and other.

High level trainings offer on our key expertise and innovative solutions to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Our key differentiators


clients in 26 countries1

€47 bn

in AuM1


dedicated team of qualified sovereign sector experts1

Our dedicated research capabilities

Our research capabilities for sovereign entities stem from a robust investment culture driven by research and multi-skilled resources. Discover our research and insights for central banks, where we dive into global policy and investment themes important to central banks worldwide.

Discover our range of strategies for sovereign institutions

Empowering you through our services

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Source: Amundi figures related to our institutional, sovereign, corporates, insurers clients and employee savings and retirements at 30/06/2023

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