Bonds’ appeal amid peaking rates

Let’s discover why bonds are making a huge comeback

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As the growth picture deteriorates, with inflation coming down, investors should price in rate cuts for 2024. In this scenario, owning duration could be rewarding, both from capital appreciation and yield perspectives. Nevertheless, timing is essential. In addition, the recent downward movement in yields has indicated that investors should remain active and flexible.

In credit markets, the focus should be maintained on quality, with a preference for investment grade, and also for higher credit quality within the high yield space. Fundamentals show some deterioration, but credit metrics still look sound from a historical perspective, mainly thanks to positive margins supported by higher pricing power and lower input costs. 

With expectations of an upcoming slowdown in US and Europe, it is all the more important to focus on high quality companies that would be able to absorb the higher interest rate burden and pressures on cash flows.

Amundi 10y yield forecasts, +12 months

Graph: Amundi 10y yield forecasts, +12 months

Source: Amundi Investment Institute, Bloomberg. Data is as of 12 January 2024. Forecasts are by Amundi Investment Institute.

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