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Amundi Megatrends

Megatrends are big, far-reaching changes that have enormous social, environmental, technological and economic effects.

Thematic investing leverages the potential of these disruptive trends, to identify future-oriented companies able to drive growth over the long term.

Megatrends' key features

3 megatrends shaping the future

Environmental challenges

Climate change and extreme weather are bringing major threats to the global population, also in terms of resource inequality.

These circumstances open up opportunities for innovative companies, active in segments such as: 

  • Renewable energy
  • Water supply and technology
  • Sustainable agriculture.

Environmental challenges

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Demographic and social challenges


Demographic and social challenges

Among demographic trends, population ageing and urbanisation are first in line. This could translate into compelling opportunities for industries to develop a number of solutions including:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Medical equipment and services
  • Age-related mobility
  • Leisure activities.

Technological revolution

One of the biggest challenges for the current pace of technological change is the dramatic increase in high-quality data needing to be processed instantly, which requires advanced network infrastructures. This theme leads to opportunities in companies active in innovative business, for example:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Big data processing
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Technological revolution


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Energy Transition
Long journey, new investment opportunities

Thematic funds selection

Megatrend #1: Environmental Challenges

CPR Invest – Climate Action
CPR Invest - Climate Action
Invest for your future, act for the planet
Fund icon for CPR Invest Hydrogen
CPR Invest - Hydrogen
Global clean energy equities seeking to deliver alpha with ESG and impact at the core
Fund icon for CPR Invest - Circular Economy
CPR Invest - Circular Economy
Thinking circular is moving forward
KBI Global Energy Transition Fund
KBI Global Energy Transition Fund
Global clean energy equities delivering alpha with ESG and impact at the core
KBI Water Fund
KBI Water Fund
Global water equities delivering alpha with ESG and impact at the core
Fund icon for Amundi Funds Montpensier M Climate Solutions
AF Montpensier M Climate Solutions
Investing in climate transition leaders

Megatrend #2: Demographic & Social Challenges

Fund icon for CPR Invest - Food for Generations
CPR Invest - Food for Generations
From farms to forks with a sustainable approach
KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund
KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure
Offering new sources of alpha in the infrastructure asset class
Fund icon for CPR Invest - Global Lifestyles
CPR Invest - Global Lifestyles
Capturing long-term consumer trends
A patchwork of various Amundi funds.
CPR Invest - Silver Age
Investing on ageing population theme

Megatrend #3: Technological Revolution

CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities
CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities
Invest today in tomorrow's world

Thematic investing partners

1 Amundi, data as of 30 April 2024

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