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Take a closer look at our partners, and how their expertise could contribute in driving innovation and creating value for clients

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Over the years, Amundi has partnered with several asset managers and boutiques to keep offering its customers a comprehensive and varied range of products and services.

These strategic partners can provide their own added value while benefitting from Amundi’s strong position as Europe’s leading asset manager.

CPR Asset Management

CPR AM is an asset management firm which stands as a pioneer in thematic investment, with the ambition of addressing this century's major challenges, including environmental challenges, demographic and societal shifts, and technological revolution.

CPR Asset Management offers investment solutions on all asset classes – equities, fixed income, money market and multi-asset – to invest today in the megatrends of tomorrow.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Amundi, CPR AM combines the responsiveness of a human-scale company with the strength that comes from being part of Europe's leading asset management group.


AUM (bn €)




years of experience

Source: CPR AM, 31 December 2023

First Eagle Investments

Created in 1864, First Eagle Investments is an independent investment management firm dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and institutions worldwide, as well as the financial professionals that advise them. The firm focuses on active, fundamental and benchmark-agnostic investing, with a strong focus on downside mitigation. First Eagle’s investment capabilities include equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies.

Strategic partners for over 20 years, First Eagle & Amundi seek to offer premium core long term wealth management solutions around the world. Amundi is the exclusive global distributor outside North America of some of First Eagle’s most successful investment strategies.


AUM (bn €)




years of experience

Source: First Eagle Investments, 31 March 2024

KBI Global Investors

Founded in 1980, KBIGI’s main goal is to offer differentiated and innovative investment strategies, to enable investors capturing alpha over time, in a risk-controlled framework.

Their strategies are designed to capture long-term investment trends deemed relevant for the foreseeable future.

Since 2016, Amundi and KBI Global Investors have been highly complementary in terms of products and geographical areas: KBIGI's expertise in global equities significantly strengthens Amundi's equity management offering; on the other hand, KBIGI can benefit from Amundi's presence with clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


AUM (bn €)




years of experience

Source: KBIGI, 31 March 2024

Montpensier Finance

Montpensier Finance is a French entrepreneurial asset management company which puts sustainable responsible investing at the heart of its DNA.

The funds are managed in a collegial manner by experienced teams using proprietary methods that integrate ESG criteria and their commitment to responsibility. 

“Investing for a sustainable future” stands as their strongest conviction, based on a long experience of investment and a continued commitment to responsibility. They believe that extra-financial criteria are long term performance levers for companies. Their role as an investor is to favour companies that have chosen to have a positive impact on the world we live in, while creating value.


AUM (bn €)




years of experience

Source: Montpensier Finance, 31 December 2023

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