Global water equities delivering alpha with ESG and impact at the core

A high conviction, equity portfolio of companies providing solutions to the challenges around the supply of clean water. Delivers alpha, Impact and ESG.

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KBI Water Fund is a high conviction, global, long-only equity portfolio that taps into the potential of companies from the water sector.

Water is a key resource and growing demand from a rapidly-expanding global population, coupled with an unrelenting requirement from industry and agriculture, has focused the worlds’ attention on how these scarce water resources are managed.

The fund invests in 35-50 publicly traded companies, providing value-added solutions to meet this vital and growing need for water.


1. Long-term growth drivers*

  • There is no substitute for water, while water consumption keeps rising.
  • Stricter global regulations are leading to massive investment (estimated more than USD11.7trn by 2030)

2. A USD 500 billion market centered around three sectors:

  • Utilities (supply and distribution).
  • Infrastructure (pipes, irrigation, etc.)
  • Technology (purification, destination, etc.).

3. Innovative, value-generating companies 

  • The water sector is linked to many different industries and drives technological innovation with the arrival of newcomers.
  • The market has undergone considerable restructuring which has seen the emergence of solid, sustainable companies.

*Sector growth does not necessarily entail the growth of companies in the which the fund is invested 

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