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As of 05/12/2023
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Global clean energy equities delivering alpha with ESG and impact at the core

A high conviction, equity portfolio of companies providing solutions to the growing demand for clean energy globally. Delivers alpha, ESG and impact.

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What is Renewable Energy?

Put simply, renewable energy is electricity or gas that comes from a source that naturally replaces what is used without draining its resources. The most well-known forms are wind and solar power – the sun will still shine and the wind will continue to blow after they generate energy.

Why should we care?

• The world cannot become carbon neutral without renewable energy.
• As the world reduces its reliance on polluting fossil fuels, investing in the provision of renewable alternatives means that the sun, wind, water, and other sustainable sources, can step in.
• The momentum driving the world’s move to renewable energy, as a central way to meet our zero-emission targets, is unstoppable.

Why KBI Energy Solutions Fund?

Seeks to provide specialist and
active exposure to the Energy Transition

Focused on three sectors:

• Renewable Energy
• Energy Efficiency
• Utilities

Closely aligned to UN
Sustainability Development
Goals (SDGs).

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