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As of 18/06/2024
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Offering new sources of alpha in the infrastructure asset class

Global strategy investing in sustainable infrastructure companies involved in the provision of water, clean energy and food transportation and storage.

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What is infrastructure?

While traditionally, many of us associate infrastructure with roads, hospitals and schools, in truth it is all these things and more. It is the transmission lines, pipes and cables that send electricity and gas to people’s homes; it is also the networks that are required to treat and distribute clean water.
In short, infrastructure is the things that an economy must have in order, not just to function, but also to grow.

Why should we care?

Infrastructure and its sustainability as an investment topic resonate much stronger today than ever before, not only due to climate change, tightening regulations, but also several decades of support from central and local authorities. State plans such as the Biden climate and infrastructure plan in the US, the carbon neutrality plans of the EU, China, Japan or the transition to wind farms in the UK show that spending on infrastructure and sustainable development will continue to increase.
Why should we care? Well, infrastructure is an essential thing. We wouldn’t be able to fill our kettles or light our homes without effective networks for the supply of water and power – and we can eat with confidence when we know our food has been stored properly.

Why KBI Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund?

An innovative investment solution that focuses on sustainable industries
including water, clean energy and food infrastructure.

Closely aligned to the UN SDG Goals across seven Development Goals.

Long-standing firm-wide commitment to Responsible Investing.

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