Capturing Long-Term Consumer Trends

A fund seeking to capture long-term consumer trends such as: demographic shifts, societal changes, digitisation of the economy.

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Consumer trends are changing faster than ever before

New Lifestyles & opportunities are emerging, turning towards digitalized, flexible, healthy and sustainable solutions.

There are 3 Major evolutions driving these long-term trends

Demographic Shifts
Increase in population age or the purchasing power of the Millennials

Societal changes
Growing middle class, Healthy living, focus on organic food market, enhanced use of sports goods

Digitalisation of the economy
Ecommerce disruption, subscription economy, video & music streaming, adapted travel options

Why CPR Invest – Global Lifestyles? 

A fund seeking to capture these long-term consumer trends.

Focused on 4 dimensions: digital consumption, leisure & entertainment, health & wellness and premium consumption

Experienced investment team, with the same PM since inception 

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